February 21-23 Pyramid Squash had the privilege of hosting its second Pyramid Squash Open Tournament this year! With a big turnout, many of our members were very excited to see so much talent on the courts! The finals saw an amazing match between Rasmus Hult and Zeyad Roshdy both pictured below.

Pyramid Squash interviewed Zeyad Roshdy after his tough final:

"It was really tough playing against Rasmus, he is a great player with a lot of experience on the tour. I am glad to have won in four games and to have won the Pyramid Squash Open 2! I would like to thank Karim Amir for hosting the tournament and looking forward to more tournaments at Pyramid Squash in the future. I would also like to thank my coach Moustafa Essam for all of his help and guidance in the last few months. I've been blessed to learn from the older generation as they have been through it as well. I would also like to thank my squash coach Ashraf Adel who is one of the best coaches in the U.S. with vast experience and knowledge of the game. We have a close relationship which I cherish. I would also like to thank all of my friends at Eastern Athletics, Karim Hussein, Yehia Essam and all the coaches there. It was great to be part of Eastern Athletic and Corner Squash. Thank you!"

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