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Squash Hall

Our Services

Our students start at a young age of 3 to get introduced to racquet and ball sports in our Kids Sports Academy. Pyramid Squash has developed many top squash players over the years and there is a program for every age and level.

Besides Squash we offer fun activities such as Ping Pong, Racquetball/ Squash 57, and other sports we can play on a squash court such as Badminton, Squickleball, and such.

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This program is for adults.

SquashFit  is a combination of agility and speed, footwork, and endurance, combined with core and cardio exercises. 

Fire Drills incorporates drills that mimic match situations.


Our squash camps are filled with drills, matches, SquashFit, and other activities that benefit squash. We offer half and full day options.

Camps can be found under EVENTS on the booking page.

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